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Ass to Mouth Sissy Maid

TWO TIME #1 HIT ! This Clip Hit #1 in the Ass to Mouth Category  AGAIN ! It hit #1 during its first release and has now climbed to #1 AGAIN during its second release!! A healthy dose of disciplinary ass to mouth with My ManHandler does My sissy maid a world of good. I have seen no other motivational tool work so well for sissy sluts! I ream My bitch in the ass showing absolutely no mercy then immediately shove the cock down her throat ! There is no cut in the filming , the viewer can see it all going strait from one end to the other ! The slut gags on the filthy cock . Instead of letting up , I show her in no uncertain terms , that I said suck not choke and warn her of the extreme consequences of puking on My Tailored Suit all the while continuing My vicious assault on her mouth!This Clip Contains : ass to mouth , sissy Training , sissy sluts, pegging , FemDom, Female Domination, Domestic Servitude, Real Time D/s Relationship